About Us

Sq01We bake cakes to a variety of different styles which include cakes for the hotels, restaurants and coffee shop industry as well as for take home from our onsite retail patisserie. Our products are made using the best ingredients possible and made according to exacting recipes and standards, which sets our product aside from the standard store bakery or home baked product. While we hope that you eat them immediately our high quality allows our cakes a few extra days shelf life!! Sq02We specialize in fine French confectionery, the finest in Belgian chocolate and patisserie from all over the world. Whether simple or intricate our product is always hand finished and if we cannot make your mouth water we still have work to do! Our baking is bespoke and sumptuous and should always create a feeling of self-indulgence.

Our style of baking takes old favourites and elevates them to create new taste sensations and the look is always classic and refined, very pleasing on the eye. We are definitely trying to evoke a “stuff your face” moment!

We are an interactive company and want to continuously engage with you. Look out for recipes, shared baking hacks, tips and advice and your chance to “Ask the chef”. This is where you will get to know your Mille Feuille from your muffin so follow us on Social Media and join the fun.

Café Patisse is situated in Wynberg, Sandton.

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