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  Thrive in the Midst of Change 

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The only certainty in life is – change! How you respond to the challenges and changes in your life, will ultimately determine how happy and successful you are.

When we think of “change”, it usually brings up a very negative feeling, a feeling of resistance. However, if we want to move forward in life and progress, change is essential. The trick is to learn how to work with and respond to change, to adapt, so that change works FOR us and not against us. It’s when we REACT impulsively, or deny that change is necessary, that it becomes our enemy. The downside of not learning how to handle change effectively is that we subject ourselves to huge amounts of STRESS and anxiety. This in turn can lead to symptoms of depression, forgetfulness, insomnia, high blood pressure, lowered immunity and even cancer.

We encounter so many different types of change in our lives:

  • Relationship changes – friendships, parents and children relationships, difficult work colleagues or a new boss, romantic relationships and break-ups, being newly married or divorced.
  • Workplace  – changing career or being retrenched. Changes of workload and job duties
  • Empty Nest Syndrome as children leave home and/or leave the country
  • Changes in financial status or embarking on Retirement
  • A change in health – living with chronic or terminal illness
  • The death of a loved one – family member, colleague, friend or beloved pet


Benefits of working with a Life Coach during times of Change:

Too often, we fear change and are therefore stuck in repeating patterns, because we are so overwhelmed that we just cannot, or don’t want to, see other options or solutions to the problem. Consequently, we experience life as one continuous struggle and then wonder why we feel so frustrated, demotivated and bitterly unhappy. As your Life Coach, I’m here to help you gain a different perspective on change and then to help and support you as you begin to let go of old, limiting thought patterns and beliefs and start implementing new successful patterns of behavior which enable you not only overcome the obstacles, but to THRIVE in the midst of the change. And it is quite amazing that, as you start to embrace change and work with it, other people see the difference in you and start to manage change better themselves. This can make for a more harmonious workplace and home life.

  • Learn to recognize and understand the connection between change and personal growth.
  • Discover your natural reaction to change and where you need to make adjustments in your behaviour patterns
  • Recognize the stages of life where change is likely to happen to you and prepare for them
  • Discover why ‘letting go’  can help you work through change more effectively and learn how to do it
  • Banish self-doubt, fear, guilt, anger, anxiety and hopelessness
  • Eliminate negative thinking and beliefs
  • Learn effective Goal Setting – and Achievement
  • Have a more positive outlook and stop dreading what’s around the corner in your life
  • Create a Self-Image that’s wired for success and happiness
  • Embark on the  Life of Your Dreams with optimism and enthusiasm


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